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December 13, 2006

The tallest ladies in Hollywood.

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Description : Length of a lady (specially when it’s more than that of her man), is not a common site around the streets. But who can deny the attraction those “long legs” posses… So here are those tallest beauties from a dream World called Hollywood – the hub of most beautiful creatures on Earth.

But wait a minute. The countdown is not in the order according to the height of those Hollywood actresses, but their reputation, success and their own ability to carry those lengths has also been a inclusion factor in this elite list.. Because of obvious reason that I want to make this article readable/enjoyable… not just for a glance.

# 1 : Brigitte Nielsen – 6′ 1″ (185 cms).

Career highlights : Remember “Red Sonja” from the 1985 classic by the same name. The tall brigitte-nielsen.jpgwoman and warrior story, co-starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or even the lady along side that Russian boxer, who killed Apollo Creed and challenged Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV??

I hope you can recall this Denmark beauty from above “only two” hints because Brigitte Nielsen don’t really have too many highlights in her long career – where she still continues to act. Brigitte will be making a cameo appearance in remake of Red Sonja, to be relieased in 2008.

Men in her life : Well, capable men have really found this long lass lovable as Brigitte Nielsen has been married four times and now lives between Italy and US as she remains with her fifth Husband, Mattia Dessi – an Italian Bartender.

The notable man in her life was Sylverter Stallone who casted her in his acted/written/directed boxing flick called Rocky 4. Although Brigitte was on opposite side in that movie, he married her only 18 days after the release.

Top Trivia’s : Her real name is Gitte (pronounced as Ghee-te) and it’s rumored that she turned down $1 M offer from an Arab Prince for spending one night… Her natural hair colour is Light brown and has brown/green eyes. And you know what, Ex-Husband Sylverter Stallone was so obsessed with Brigitte’s appearance that he had her image carved into their furniture – when they used to live together.

# 2 : Brooke Christa Shields – 6′ (183 cms).

Career highlights : Born on 31st May 1965, her resume started filling with her first role as a 12 year old prostitute in Pretty Baby (1978) and then Blue Lagoon (1980). People were not asking too many questions about brooke-shields.jpgBrooke Shields’ charisma…. but she still went on to Calvin Klien’s ad and said – “Want to know what gets between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”

I am sure only her name or the adjacent picture was enough to recall you who Brooke Shields is, but just for the records – she has been chosen as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the World by People magazine twice, and most intriguing people 3 times. In 1978, 80 and 96.

Brooke Sheilds was more of a commercial face than a 70mm figure. She even recieved $1M to endorse Wella Balsam Shampoo in 1981. But I guess that’s all Brooke Shields managed as highlights in a career where she still sought for work in movies, television or stage.

Men in her Life : I was really tempted to mention this as Brooke’s career highlight, but resisted. Andre Agassi needs no adjective and Brooke Shields’ marriage with him was easily the biggest story on planet on 19th April 1997. Brooke Shields is presently married to Chris Henchy – writer/producer in Television industry… some of other lucky men to have dated this 6 feet creature are Singer Michael Bolton (what a voice), Liam Neeson, John Kennedy Jr. and a certain MICHAEL JACKSON, who happen to hold the record for best music album ever, called Thriller.

Top Trivias : For her role in The Blue Lagoon (1980), Shields became the first ever “Winner” of a Worst Actress RAZZIE Award. She went on to “win” several more RAZZIES, and in 2000 was nominated as Worst Actress of the Century. And if that doesn’t make you smile – know this : While filming The Blue Lagoon (1980), she had to have her hair glued to her breasts so nothing would show.

Brooke Shields also turned down the offers of Emily in Wild Orchid (1990) and Roxy – the girlfriend of Chatherine in Basic Instinct. Reason – the producers wanted some nude scenes.

# 3 : Uma Karuna Thurman – 6′ (183 cms).

Career highlights : Born to a Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University and Swedish mother, Uma knew at the age of 15 that she is born to conquer what her father and mother fought so hard for, but couldn’t – the Hollywood glory.uma-thurman.jpg

Gattaca (1997), Batman & Robin (1997) and the remake of The Avengers (1998) followed but made-for-television film Hysterical Blindness (2002) by Director Mira Nair earned Uma Thurman her first Golden Globe. She’s now proven as a capable actress but as someone said – “You ain’t no Uma Thurman was recognisable in her smallish part in Dangerous Liaisons (1988) but like any another “aspiring actress”, she needed a brake-through part. Director Quentin Tarantino came up with Pulp Fiction (1994) and since then this 6 feet lady is yet to look back. Potential movies like actor without an oscar”.

Men in her Life : It took several proposals from her Gattaca co-star Ethan Hawke to convince her to marry him. Ethan was clearly mesmerized with her beauty but Uma – who had divorced her first husband Gary Oldman, wasn’t quite into it. She finally said “I do” on 1st May 1998 and was married to Ethan for 6 years. She is now rumoured to be dating hotelier Andre Balazs, where her celebrity status is causing problems.

Top Trivias : “Uma” means one in Portuguese, kiss in Polynesian but Uma Thurman is actually named after the goddess of light and beauty in Indian Mythology. Her daughter is called Maya – a name which again comes from the same religion. Ethan Hawke may have split from this lengthy-beauty, but he certainly was in love at a certain time. He wrote and dedicated a book to her, called “For Karuna”. Being an Indian myself, I can tell you the middle name of Uma Thurman – Karuna, means Compassion.

Uma describes herself as “Tall, sandy blonde, with sort of blue eyes, skinny in places, fat in others. An average gal.” But the quote I personally like from her – “It is better to have a relationship with someone who cheats on you than with someone who does not flush the toilet.”

# 4 : Nicole Mary Kidman – 5′ (10 1/2)” = 179 cms.

Career highlights : An Australian Film Institute Award in 1987 earned Nicole her first major Hollywood role opposite Sam Neill in Dead Calm (1989). This at-sea thriller was a big hit and Nicole Kidman was on her way to fame. Few average films like Days of Thunder, Billy Bathgate, My Life and nicole-kidman.jpgBatman Forever followed but Kidman’s acting powers were recognised by then. To Die For (1995) earned her first Golden Globe and The Peacemaker (1997) showed she can be “action star” as well. Eyes Wide Shut – a controversial creation by Stanley Kubrick in 1999 remains her most talked about flick till date. Nicole

Kidman received her first Ocar nomination for Moulin Rouge (2001) and finally won an Academy award for 2002 Drama – The Hours.

Men in her life : She was married to Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise for over 10 years and is now in the arms of country musician – Keith Urban, whom she married on 25th June 2006. Nicole Kidman also dated singer Lenny Karvitz after her split from Cruise.

Confession : This is the girl who inspired me to write this article. Her tallness or her beauty was never hidden, but watching her in some show last night, where she was standing taller than hundreds of men in black suits, made me go ahead and write this piece. I never knew I’ll have to do so much of research to explain how attractive I find this lady from Australia, but I hope it’s worthy.

Top Trivias : Nicole Kidman is scared of Butterflies and is allergic to strawberries. She a pianist, and did her own piano-playing in Cold Mountain (2003). Has played a part named Grace three times – Saturday Night live in 1975, The Others and in Dogville. She was supposed to star in Panic Room (2002), but hurt herself doing Moulin Rouge. So, she played the voice of Jodie Foster’s divorced husband’s wife… no more than a minute long part, and in the movie, Jodie Foster says – “give him the phone BITCH”.

Nicole Kidman is naturally left-handed but she taught herself to write with right hand to play the part of right handed author Virginia Woolf in The Hours. A very tall woman at nearly 5′ 11″, she actually stood about 4 inches taller than ex-husband Tom Cruise, and rarely wore heels when seen publicly with him so that they could appear similar in height. Since their divorce, she is rarely seen on the red carpet without high heels, and she often meets 6′ 4″ actors in the eye.

And imdb reports Nicole Kidman quoting : “I would love to have boobs and a butt like Jennifer Lopez but I’m not having surgery so there it is.”

# 5 : Natasha Henstridge – 5′ (10 1/2)” = 178 cms.

Career highlights : It started in perfect manner with Species in 1995 which also included Ben natasha-henstridge.jpgKingsley, but somehow it never flourished. Natasha was limited to not-so-big movies like Maximum Risk, Standoff, Species II and a few others. The Whole Nine Yards (2000) featured Natasha along side Bruce Willis, and the movie was a success.

Yet this Canadian beauty was no where near where she should have been. Bounce (2000) did well but Ghost of Mars (2001) failed. Riders (2002), the Whole Ten Yards (2004) couldn’t please the audiences and Natasha Henstridge was forced to do a television series called “She Spies”. I personally saw her in that series for the first time and was swept off her beauty. But I repeat – Natasha hasn’t had the success that she should’ve had.

Men in her life : Leonardo DiCaprio and Jean-Claude Van Damme are a few lucky ones to have dated Natasha whereas she was married to
actor/director/writer/producer Damian Chapa for around a year in 1996.

Top Trivias : Natasha Henstridge is one of those ladies who caught the eyes of her fans through her looks, but never made is big in Hollywood. Thus there aren’t too many trivias related to her, but imdb has a very nice quote from her – “I was about 12 years old when I started getting boobs. I never tried to hide them because I started to realize the power I had with them.”

# 6 : Charlize Theron – 5′ (9 1/2)” = 177 cms.

Career highlights : Nearly every country has it’s own film Industry. What makes Hollywood the superior among all of them is the fact that it’s not only limited to Americans. The cream of World rests at Hollywood and the quality of cinema, the leading men and the directors are of exceptional quality. The ladies have the beauty to die for and Charlize Theron’s mother knew the talent her daughter held inside her. She wanted the best for her and made her move from Benoni in South Africa to Los Angeles in USA.

Charlize might still have flew back home inside 2 weeks from LA, had an Hollywood Boulevard agent not met her. Charlize’s best minus point was her English-speaking-inability, because all she knew about English came through watching Soap Operas back in South Africa. She was asked to rectify that, and was offered the role of Helga in 2 Days in the Valley (1996). Charlize spoke very few words in this Crime/Drama but tcharlize-theron.jpghe film about intersecting lives caught audiences likings. So did Charlizes’ irresistible looks.

She now has went on to win the Oscar for playing Aileen Wuornos in Monster (2003), and I am sure there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know this woman.

Men in her Life : I actually am surprised to see Charlize Theron in this list of tallest actresses in Hollywood. She surely doesn’t seem very tall in her films, but Google and can’t be wrong collectively. Coming back to men in Charlize Theron’s life, we have Stephan Jenkins – the lead singer of band “Third Eye Blind”, with whom she was till July 2001, and now with Irish actor Stuart Townsend since then. Stuart himself is 180 cms, which makes Charlize only 3 centimeters less than him….. no room for heels I guess.

Top Trivias : Charlize is named after her father – Charls, but sadly he attacked her mother when Charlize was 15 year old. Her mother shot him in self-defence and was not charged in the incidence.

Charlie Theron is only the second actress to win an Oscar after appearing naked in Playboy magazine… first was Kim Basinger. Charlize was again nominated for Oscar for North Country (2005), but interestingly, she also was in the running for Razzie award for Aeon Flux (2005). She ultimately was not nominated for that award for Worsts, but had that happened – Charlize Theron would have been the only actress to be nominated for best and worst.. at Oscars and Razzie in the same year.

Finally, this is what Charlize has to say about marriage – “I’m happy for people who want to get married but it’s not my thing. I’m extremely happy in my relationship and I would love to have kids.”

# 7 : Cameron Michelle Diaz – 5′ 9″ (175 cms).

Career Highlights : Her friends said she won’t be able to make it big in Hollywood with her bumpy nose — and she came out of the audition hall with the part of Tina in The Mask (1995) opposite Jim Carey. Her very first appearance in cinema – that red dress in “The Mask” proved to be a milestone and Cameron was an instant hit.cameron-diaz.jpg

But she hasn’t proved the acting poweress one needs to show in order to make it really huge in Hollywood. Big films like My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) and There’s something about Mary (1998) followed, and Cameron Diaz even earned the benchmark salary of $ 20,000,000 for Charlie’s Angels : Full Throttle (2003), but this lengthy actress is yet to prove she can act.

Men in her Life : There were rumors of Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillion not listening to the Director as he cried – CUT… during filming a kissing scene for “There’s something about Mary”. Cameron then was engaged to actor Jared Leto. But that’s a past and at present – Cameron Diaz has been with N’Sync lead/singer Justin Timberlake.

Top Trivias : Cameron has the reputation of being late. She got alcohol poisoning in Australia at the age of 18. She is very Superstitious, and will ONLY wash her face in Evian spring water! Cameron Diaz is also one of very few people in this World who turned non-vegetarian from Vegetarian.

During her interview on “Inside the Actors Studio” (1994), said that she doesn’t read scripts and wishes movies were filmed from start to finish because sometimes she doesn’t understand them….

I hope you get a real idea of she don’t actually have an acting bone. But who cares – this list is supposed to be a compilation of best looking famous ladies who are really tall. Cameron Diaz is certainly one of them.

Note : The selection of ladies is simply on the basis of how famous they are, what is their present desirable degree, how famous the men in her life were, and of course – how tall they are. Probably that why, the names like Geena Davis (183 cms), Sigourney Weaver (182cms), Anna Nicole Smith (180 cms), Elle Macpherson (6 feet’s), Julie Strain (6 feet’s), Saffron Burrows – the 6 feet UK beauty who is an upcoming actress, Shannon Tweed (6 feets), Terry Farrell (6 feets), Angie Everhart (5′ 11″), Claudia Schiffer (5′ 11″), Tilda Swinton (5′ 11″) ARE MISSING.

I really wanted to include Rebecca Romijn (5′ 11″), Kristinna Loken (5′ 11″), Connie Nielsen (5′ 10″), Kathleen Turner (5′ 10″) and Gwyneth Paltrow (5′ 10″) in this list which was getting bigger and bigger as I continued to research and compile. So I had to edit some names and I regret that.



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