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December 6, 2006

Lean on Me (1989).

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“I have seen spoken words affecting lot more than written words” – Hitler.

I have a soft corner for movies based on true stories, but most have been related to sports like “Coach Carter” and “Miracle”. Stories like “Dog Day Afternoon” have been tough to find.

And when I realised “Lean on me” is a Drama, I was not sure what to expect from it. Until I watched a passionate old man speak louder than all the troubles revolving a decaying inner city school in Paterson, New Jersey.

Morgan Freeman plays the real life character of Principal Joe Clark, who used to be a Junior teacherlean-on-me.JPG 20 years ago at the same school, before being fired. He returns to change the fortune of Paterson school after the recommendation of school superintend and the mayor, little less than one year before the “Basic skill test”. This test was the deciding factor behind Paterson school will remain as it was, or will be taken over by the state.

Joe Clark too some aggressive, some inspirational and some nasty decisions for the redemption of this school, and although it loses some fun towards the end – “Lean on me” will prove to be a masterpiece of passion related to a man.

I am a person who likes to speak a loud at times. So I found Joe Clark very similar to me, who had the rare ability to speak louder than thousands of souls and make them listen to him.

One more thing I must ask you before you watch this masterpiece – Do you remember you school song?


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