Directors Cut

December 5, 2006

The Others (2001).

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The perfect way to enjoy a movie is though the largest screen you can afford, and the darkest enviornment you can create, before you press – Play.

And if you have “The Others” in your menu tonight – you better have a partner as you go through this even darker film. There’s hardly any very bright scene in this Mystery/the-others.jpgThriller, and Grace Stewart (played by Nicole Kidman) went about switching all lights off all along 101 minutes of run time.

This story starts with a group of maids coming to work for Grace – a young lady in a big house with husband probably killed during the on going second World War.

She has two children, a boy of 5 and a girl of 8, and these two will create most of the thrills for you, but never in a funny manner. It’s a serious drama set in just one house, and shows Nicole Kidman as a strict, tall English lady with mysterious rules. No one was allowed to let sunlight come into the house, because her children were suffering from a strange disease. I know, but won’t tell you the name of that disease, but I confirm around thousand people World Wide actually suffer from that disease.

The only thing director needed was a good leading lady for the script. There may be few more ladies on earth who can play the part, but I bet none would have been better than a certain Nicole Kidman from Sydney Australia.

“The Others” is the imagination of one those film directors who like to make an appearance. Director Alejandro Amenabar of Spain appears in a photograph, showing a row of dead people.

Come back to my blog when you have enjoyed 101 minutes of “The Others”, and tell me what actually was the disease that Grace said the children were suffering from, and thus they always kept the sunlight out of their house.


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