Directors Cut

December 4, 2006

Cold Mountain (2003).

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She comes to live in your locality…. You love her from the first sight, and your luck takes you closer to her.

Before you say “I love you”, the World War throws you to some other part of Earth…. The girl keeps on writing letters to you, not sure you even get them or not.

You did get a few of those letters, and after being injured/unfit to fight in the World War, meeting that girl is your only hope to live on.

The girl never had a mother, and she lost her father shortly after the World War started. Interestingly, she is from such a rich family that “she knew how to make a bouquet of flowers, but not how to grow them”.
This meant she was all alone at a time when females had to farm their own food, themselves shoot their enemies and hope against hope – the war will end and their men will be back home some day..

as the young males fought the World War.

That’s 20% of “Cold Mountain” for you.

Convincing your producers to make a film of 154 minutes in Hollywood is next to impossible, but the director of “Cold Mountain” – Anthony Minghella did that. And how beautifully he has done it.

Apart from the eternal love story of Ada (Nicole Kidman) and Inman (Jude Law), Cold Mountain also has a third story of Ruby, played by Renee Zellweger. She won the Oscar for best supporting actress for her part.

And if all the starcast and story doesn’t appeal to you – pay attention to the screenplay. Every word in this film is so precise, and beautifully chosen that you won’t notice unless you don’t watch “Cold Mountain” all over again.

And frankly, I’ll recommend you watching it one more time, in addition with “this video clip”. Its the love scene between Jude Law and Nicole Kidman, which is almost certain to be cut out of CD/DVD you’ll buy/rent.

It’s important for censor board to understand that making love is very important aspect of human life, and they should expose it rather than hide it.


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