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November 30, 2006

Phone Booth (2002)

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After “Liberty Stands Still” and before “Cellular”, where both the films concentrates on hostage and phone connection, Phone Booth was written by Larry Cohen and directed by Joel Schumacher in 2002.

Both writer and director are well proven Hollywood film makerphone-booth.jpgs, and they have done a very good job with this every-second-changing hostage thriller. But the way Colin Farrell acted as a man at the gun point – I have to say that this one is his best movies of all time.

Stu – a New york publicist and a dishonest husband, uses one specific phone booth to call his girlfriend (Katie Holmes) time and again. A crazy sniper in the adjacent building, on fine day calls him and proves that he is capable of shooting Stu any time he wants.

Stu goes about doing whatever that caller/sniper asks him to do and in the process – creates a scene on a busy road.

Rest is something you yourself will want to know but what I can promise you is if you can understand the typical Big Apple accent – you are in for a very thrilling 81 mins.

: Watch out for the end. I mean the very end as at the very last minute – there’s another twist to the Phone Booth.


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